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The Kennel

For Stories that Still Need to Find a Home | Writing

Edgar Molasses and His Quest to Find Something Beautiful | Surreal

Edgar is going through a break up. He doesn't know how to self reflect but he'll know it when he sees it.

Will-o'-Wisp | Fantasy

A Djinn has gone awol. Agents Rembrandt and Boucher are sent to find him.

Teddy Baskins Forgot to Buy Parsley | Suspense

Serial killer Teddy Baskins just wanted to make soup and have a peaceful night in. The world had other plans.

The Abyss in Five Parts | Suspense

Caught between a strange rivalry between two wealthy twins, Vincent must confront a raw truth about himself and his art: Does he have it?

The Astronaut | Sci-Fi

A time traveling tourist takes a right instead of a left during his honeymoon in Coney Island, NYC.

Electric Skies | Sci-Fi

A problem has befallen the Miltons. The sky is falling. But don't they live in a simulation?

Cannibal Confessions | Horror

Oscar is a cannibal, and he has joined the anonymous support group "Cannibal Confessions". Can Oscar abate his hunger while navigating a complex relationship with the woman who brought him there?

House of Jerky | Horror

Death has stopped and no one knows why. Meet the nurses that have to content with their immortal wards, knowing that they are glimpsing their own futures.

Bagel Babies | Science Fiction

Backdropped against the 1904 St. Louis World Faire, a genetically modified recluse is contacted by a mysterious woman to investigate the mysterious Dr. Couney's Infantorium.

Red Velvet | Sci-Fi

It would be a typical night out for our hero, if only his girlfriend hadn't left him to go to Earth.

A True Story | Fantasy

Ilyana Korvatcha, international icon, embarks on her first photoshoot. Oh wait, I forgot to mention. She's the world's first 215-foot supermodel. 

An Unexpected, Midweek Inconvenience | Literary

A fender bender takes Joe to an autoshop. It would be quick in and out if not for the heavenly visitors that just won't leave the owner alone.

Little One | Science-Fiction

An endeavor to colonize a new planet goes awry. 

All the Singularity Girls | Science-Fiction

An endeavor to colonize a new planet goes awry. 

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