The Kennel

For Stories that Still Need to Find a Home

Edgar Molasses and His Quest to Find Something Beautiful | Surreal

Edgar is going through a break up. He doesn't know how to self reflect but he'll know it when he sees it.

Will-o'-Wisp | Fantasy

A Djinn has gone awol. Agents Rembrandt and Boucher are sent to find him.

Cannibal Confessions | Horror

Oscar is a cannibal, and he has joined the anonymous support group "Cannibal Confessions". Can Oscar abate his hunger while navigating a complex relationship with the woman who brought him there?

Little Ghosts by Esos Ridley | Science Fiction

After a centuries long break, the celebrated scientist and world’s first automaton returns with new programming and talks about life and death, art and science, and finding purpose.
By Esos Ridley, writing for LIFE
January 2184