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The Kennel

For Stories that Still Need to Find a Home | Writing

Edgar Molasses and His Quest to Find Something Beautiful | Surreal

Edgar is going through a break up. He doesn't know how to self reflect but he'll know it when he sees it.

Will-o'-Wisp | Fantasy

A Djinn has gone awol. Agents Rembrandt and Boucher are sent to find him.

Teddy Baskins Forgot to Buy Parsley | Suspense

Serial killer Teddy Baskins just wanted to make soup and have a peaceful night in. The world had other plans.

The Abyss in Five Parts | Suspense

Caught between a strange rivalry between two wealthy twins, Vincent must confront a raw truth about himself and his art: Does he have it?

The Astronaut | Sci-Fi

A time traveling tourist takes a right instead of a left during his honeymoon in Coney Island, NYC.

Electric Skies | Sci-Fi

A problem has befallen the Miltons. The sky is falling. But don't they live in a simulation?

Cannibal Confessions | Horror

Oscar is a cannibal, and he has joined the anonymous support group "Cannibal Confessions". Can Oscar abate his hunger while navigating a complex relationship with the woman who brought him there?

House of Jerky | Horror

Death has stopped and no one knows why. Meet the nurses that have to content with their immortal wards, knowing that they are glimpsing their own futures.

The Bug Room | Horror

Everyone has a bug room. This one is yours.

Red Velvet | Sci-Fi

It would be a typical night out for our hero, if only his girlfriend hadn't left him to go to Earth.

Mr. Guthrie's Familiar | Horror

A man, now grown, realizes in hindsight how close he was to Mr. Guthrie's familiar, the urban legend that may or may not be true.

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